What if my baby is 10 months old what program should I buy?

Buy the program corresponding for the age your baby is currently, a lot can change for a little one in the space of 4-5 weeks so it's best to start with the age appropriate. The only exception is if your baby is over 4.5 months, in this case proceed to program two. You may like to purchase a bundle to ensure you have the next age group covered also.

How do i purchase a program?

Simply select the age group that applies best to you, select buy now and follow the directions provided.

how do i receive my program?

You will receive an email from the Sleep Mama site once payment has been made which will include a downloadable PDF for your program and directions on how to access the videos. You must download the program within 24 hours of receiving the link. Save the program to smart phone, tablet or computer.

will i receive a hardcopy of the book?

No, The ebook will be sent in digital form and the videos will be viewable online.

It is guaranteed to work on my baby?

There is no way to guarantee the effectiveness of each individual baby or toddler due to outside factors which may detract from results.

is this program suitable if my baby has a medical condition?

If your baby or toddler has or presents symptoms of a medical condition it is the responsibility of the primary carer/carer’s to seek medical approval before beginning the sleep mama program. In many cases, all or part of the program is still applicable and beneficial depending upon the medical condition.

How long will it take to work?

For best results it is recommended to follow a 21 day consistency plan.

what is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of accessing all material upon receiving it, there is a no refund policy. Please read terms and conditions provided before purchasing.

is this approach based on “crying it out”?

No, the cry it out (CIO) approach is based upon allowing a baby to cry for extended periods of time without providing hands on reassurance. The Sleep Mama program encourages parents to respond, assist and support their babies as they need to.

Will my baby cry?

In most cases, yes. A baby will cry to communicate and express their feelings and during periods of change this is normal. If your baby is crying at a level you are not comfortable with The Sleep Mama program suggests comforting and reassuring your baby.

what languages is the program available in?

Currently the programs are only available in english.

How do I access the video?

You can find step by step instructions located on the very first page of your downloaded file.

I am having trouble with my video pausing or skipping?

Let the video load fully before pressing play otherwise it will stop/start and buffer. 

Can I download this program to several devices? 

No, the program is designed to be stored on one device.

How do I download the program?

Upon completing payment a link will be displayed to allow a direct download, We suggest processing payment via the device you wish to store your program on. You will also receive a follow up email with instructions and an invoice. 

Can I share my program with friends?

No, file sharing is prohibited. please view the terms and conditions here for more info.

Can I purchase the program without accepting the terMs and conditions?

No, to purchase you must view and accept the terms and conditions. 

Can I purchase support or one on one coaching with Kylie?

To discuss one one one coaching please contact customersupport@thesleepmama.com.

The link to my video is not working, what can I do?

Double check the spelling when you are typing the address in. Email customer support for help.

The password for my video is not working, what can I do?

The passwords are case sensitive. Triple check your code and try again. Email customer support for help.