Hey Mamas + Papas,

This week’s vlog is now live!

I really wanted to share my morning routine with you all and start a conversation around the importance of doing something for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY! As parents it can be incredibly difficult to look after ourselves, we have so much on all the time and before we know it, days, weeks or months have passed and we haven’t done anything to “fill our own cup up”.

My morning ME time is a real game changer. It gives me clarity and energy to get through the day. If your baby or toddler sleeps well, I really want you to consider starting your day just a touch earlier to allow yourself some alone time. Or if you’re not a morning person, scheduling in some time for yourself once your little one is asleep! If your baby or toddler is not sleeping well and you could do with some help don’t hesitate to check out our online programs. You can also take advantage of the refer a friend discount code; FRIEND10.

This week's Vlog also takes you behind the scenes at our Sleep Mama staff meeting.


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