Our latest VLOG is now LIVE and this week we are talking about feeding fussy eaters. Our boys are definitely little fusspots when it comes to eating. When they were babies they would eat everything, it was great and I thought I had this whole feeding kids thing down pat. Enter toddlerhood and the fussy feeding phase commenced.

I feel like we have tried every trick in the book but lately, we have been making some great progress and I felt compelled to share some of the things we have been doing.

You will also see our amazing new juicer in action. We reached out to MOD for a discount code because we absolutely love our cold pressed juicer. The team at MOD have very kindly extended a $50 discount for 48 hours only. Visit modjuicer.com.au and use the codeword SLEEP.

We have never ever had success with introducing a child-friendly protein or superfoods powder UNTIL the boys saw these products in the health food store. I honestly did not think the kids would drink or eat foods with these powders in them BUT they proved me wrong (and I couldn’t be happier). The boys have enjoyed the Mavella powders in pancakes, smoothies, sweet potato brownies and muffins. Mama WIN! Mavella have kindly extended a discount code for 48 hours, visit mavella.com.au and use the codeword SLEEP10 to save 10% across the whole range. Anytime you can add extra vitamins and minerals, it's a good idea. I love a sneaky health hack!