To enhance, educate and encourage families through proven methods, real life experience and the power of sleep. You will be inspired to become well rested, caring and responsive all while allowing your little one to foster one of life's most important skills, the art of good sleep.

Sleep is the pillar of health and happiness. Without quality rest, it is near impossible to be the parent you want to be. We all want the best for our baby and sleep is a non negotiable for optimum physical, mental and emotional health. 


I'm Kylie Camps, the mum behind The Sleep Mama program. I developed this fully comprehensive online course to help mums, dads, carers and babies everywhere to sleep well, easily and consistently. Before having twin boys I had NO idea what parenting was really like. I thought we were super prepared - nursery, pram, clothes and delivery were all covered. Little did I know the reality of two babies who rarely slept would be enough to break a person. I struggled, WE all struggled and truthfully I believe so many of our dark days could have been avoided IF we had access to a program like this earlier.

Helping families sleep is my passion, I studied, volunteered, obtained my certification and began building my sleep consultancy business. I believe The Sleep Mama program is life changing, it is extensive and detailed. It is NOT an extreme sleep training program based on the cry it out approach. It is realistic, nurture based and focused on your baby's needs just as much as your own. If you're tired, odds are your baby is too.

These exact methods saved us, we were slipping into a dark place but we turned it around and now, I've had the pleasure of working with mothers all around the world. Witnessing their journeys from not coping at all to thriving and loving motherhood is so special. The Sleep Mama program Is just like having me in your home, except you can keep referring back to the course whenever you like.

Don't waste another day feeling helpless or anxious. Don't let sleep deprivation define you as a mother - take the time to give your baby one of the best gifts you can, the skill of good sleep.